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Warhammer Underworlds: Wyrdhollow – The Headsmen’s Curse (Inglés)

El precio original era: €34,00.El precio actual es: €27,20. IVA incluido
Ahorras: 6,80 (20%)

  • A warband expansion for Warhammer Underworlds: Wyrdhollow, featuring four ghostly executioners
  • Includes a complete Rivals deck for out-of-the-box play
  • Condemn enemy fighters to death with 38 cards you can’t find anywhere else

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Solo en inglés.

The Headsmen’s Curse has come. Nothing shall stay the bite of the dread blade Terminus, for it was fashioned long ago by Nagash himself, and has a vile sentience of its own. Damned souls surround it, bound to serve as judge, jury and executioner. Their former identities are subsumed into the greatsword’s necromantic magic; always there is one to wield the blade, one to sharpen its edge, one to bear the headsman’s block, and a scriptor to sentence the condemned. No matter the crime against the Supreme Necromancer, the sentence is always the same – Death!

The Headsmen’s Curse is an aggressive warband, seeking to bring the justice of Nagash to the Wyrdhollow. They’ll have to work together to write out the sentence, sharpen the blade, supply the block, and make the killing strike. This set includes a full Rivals deck to use straight out of the box, and the models are all push-fit – so you can get playing in no time.

This set includes:
– 4x push-fit The Headsmen’s Curse miniatures – no glue required to assemble, cast in ghostly blue plastic

– 4x double-sided fighter cards, one for each fighter in the warband – Wielder of the Blade, Bearer of the Block, Scriptor of the Sentence, and Sharpener of the Blade

– 1x The Headsmen’s Curse Background/Plot card

– 1x The Headsmen’s Curse Cover/Rivals deck card

– A 32-card Rivals deck consisting of:
– 12x The Headsmen’s Curse objective cards
– 10x The Headsmen’s Curse gambit cards
– 10x The Headsmen’s Curse upgrade cards

Miniatures in this box are supplied unpainted and require push-fit assembly. You can also paint these miniatures to make them your own – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.


Warhammer Underworlds

Warhammer Underworlds, el juego de tablero con miniaturas definitivo. Elige entre una variedad de bandas, construye tu mazo y lucha en batallas de arena de ritmo rápido donde no hay dos juegos iguales.
Warhammer Underworlds: Wyrdhollow – The Headsmen’s Curse (Inglés)
El precio original era: €34,00.El precio actual es: €27,20. IVA incluido
Ahorras: 6,80 (20%)

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